Friday, March 16, 2012

Grad School

I thought I would share with you why I was MIA on Tuesday and Thursday this week. This is my spring break at work so I was hoping to get some really great posts to you, but as it turns out, this break turned into the "let's get everything done that I can't do normally since I'm at work" break. This mostly included getting all of my paperwork and requirements done for graduate school. I am "unofficially" taking a class this semester and as of May 7th, I'm dropping the adjunct gigs and am  returning to the graduate student life.

I am in a Medical Physics program (think imaging and radiation therapy) and so I will be doing all of my research at a Hospital in Tampa. My week has been comprised of going through a pretty rigorous screening process for the hospital. I know these are fairly normal, but I have worked at a hospital and a court building before and never had to do them. So, after this week, I know there is nothing bad on my background check, I don't have any unknown drugs in my system, I don't have TB, I have all my hr paperwork done, and I have a new email address! Despite the fact that I didn't have class this week in Tampa, I actually spent more time over there than normal taking care of everything.

Also since I work as an adjunct at two different colleges, I still have work this week at one school so I basically am going to need a vacation for my vacation, but I've been able to check off a lot of things that were hanging over my head so I'm going to deem it a productive break. Now if I can fit in some relaxing time this weekend I'll be ready to go full force next week!

Enjoy your St. Patrick's day!

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