Monday, March 26, 2012

New Kitchen Layout

Last week we showed you how our island performed a disappearing act. Well it has reappeared, but it has changed purposes! While it was gone, it magically turned itself into a pseudo peninsula.

This is one kitchen layout that we are considering. We are going to be taking the wall down that the island is now against and so the idea of a peninsula is intriguing to us.

So the island is pretending to be a peninsula so that we can get a feel for spacing and space usage in this setup. 

Clearly we want a good idea how this whole layout will work and so the fridge has been moved to block the hall entrance to the kitchen. 

And while this gives us a good idea of workflow and spacing, visually it looks a little awkward since nothing is built in and there are doorways and walls that won't be there if we choose this layout.

I'm going to put it out there that I think this layout is pretty high in the running for final kitchen layout. It is awesome how the kitchen feels so much bigger. We now can both be working in the kitchen with the dishwasher open and not constantly bump into one another.

The work area to the right of the stove and not behind it is also a huge improvement. We essentially didn't lose any counter space since we just moved the island, so we are not missing it at all. Now we are going to live with this layout for awhile longer and see if it's the one!

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