Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Will The Real Squeakers Please Stand Up?

Squeakers in our household is one of those long, kind of dog looking, squeak toys with the scary smiles. Our dogs LOVE them and we have many versions of them. However, there is only ONE real squeakers. The real squeakers is a 4+ year old purple (I think they are Loofa dog toys) toy that Madeline got when she was a puppy. 

This toy has been through a lot and at many points was presumed lost but it has resurfaced each time.

It is dirty and nasty and only occasionally will squeak. Despite this, it is our dogs' absolutely favorite toy.

Madeline will play with this toy for hours. If you try to replace it with a newer version, she will spend hours looking for it.

And she will go to great lengths to hide squeaker's from Zoe. (can you find it?)

But Zoe is sneaky and will often steal Madeline's precious squeakers from her. Madeline will respond with nasty looks and an occasional tackle.

Or with a pleading, desperate look to us

Zoe has been pretty obsessed with squeaker's recently and will wait patiently for you to play with her.

And will go nuts if by chance you get the thing to squeak.

But for the most part she has been spending a lot of time cuddling with it and carrying it around with her.

She especially like to lie on her back and chew on its head.

Taking a nap with it is also a pretty often occurrence.

If you ask her to go get squeakers, she runs off and gets it. This has been her toy recently that she can't go to bed without.

And just in case you didn't already think our dogs were nuts, when they aren't playing with their toys, Madeline really likes rubbing her head in the rug and making her hair stand on end

And Zoe actually sleeps like this. 

Ok that's it for the pups for today! We all hope you have a good day!

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