Monday, March 5, 2012

Circle B Reserve

Our resolution this year was to go for more walks. We have been doing a really great job with our resolution and an added bonus is that we've been enjoying the wonderful Florida winter. One great place to walk that I was told about months ago is Circle B Reserve. We had been meaning to check it out for a long time, and when my friend Courtney came to visit we finally made it over. The funny thing is that it is basically right next door to one place I work so I had been really close without even realizing it.

This place is amazing. You feel like you are in a whole different world and there are so many well maintained paths. You can see some pretty cool Fl wildlife as well. We spent awhile walking the paths and enjoying the scenery and we ended up walking about 4 miles without double back and without going on all the paths (which gives you an idea about how big it is). Here are some pics from our walk.

First alligator sighting! We saw about 5 in the lake just chillin' like the one above.

And here is another one sunning itself on drier land

Turtles! There were so many turtles all hanging out together.

These two were having quite the squabble as we walked past

 Everyone thought that this gator had quite the grin (wonder what he just ate)

For anyone wondering, we weren't anywhere near the gators. The path is much higher than the marshy area these guys are hanging out in; my camera just has a really good zoom. 

We were in a heavily shaded area for about half and in a more sunny area for the other half. Apparently this is where you can see otters but we didn't see any.

This is a great place to go and relax. It's a really great walk and it's really nice to have a place that doesn't require you to walk on pavement all the time. We will definitely be coming here more often (especially now that we know where it is!)

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  1. Love it there. Hubby and I love the Alligator alley path. Have not been back in a couple of weeks. I am excited about spring, a lot of gator action to be had. i think last year we seen to many to count.