Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Long time coming

You may not remember that we were working on the little garden area outside that sits basically in the center of the pool. It was in desperate need of a haircut.

We had trimmed the trees and bushes and cleared out the old stone so that we lay new weed free fabric.

The next part was the hard part and this is why this project took a little longer. We didn't want to buy all new stone so we decided to reuse as much of the old stone as we could. We started out by making a sifter to remove the leaves and dirt. This was a very slow process and was pretty annoying so we used a little science knowledge to speed things up a bit. Nate filled the wheelbarrow with water and dumped in a bunch of the stones. The stones sank and the leaves and dirt floated so we were able to just skim off the top and we had significantly cleaner stones.

Then we dumped the stones back, spread them out and repeated until the area was covered again. We did have to get a few more bags of stone to fill it ou a little but it was much cheaper then replacing all the stones. Now we can sit and enjoy the entire backyard instead of sitting next to a jungle!

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