Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Veggie Tale

One huge adjustment we've had to make since moving to FL is the fact that the time to grow your garden is in the winter instead of the summer (since the summer is so hot). We have been pretty busy so I decided that I didn't want a big garden that would require a lot of upkeep this year. About a month ago I headed out to Lowe's to look for ideas to create a small, easy to maintain garden. I came home with six of these.

I cleared out a spot next the the back door (good light/shade ratio) and leveled the ground.

I then stacked the cinder blocks to make a small tiered garden

and filled each hole with garden soil.

I planted a different type of veggie seeds in each of the lower four holes (cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, squash and peas) and lettuce seeds in the top four holes. I also planted some chives and green onions along the edges.

I then basically forgot about my little garden for a few weeks and when I went to go check on it, I was surprised to see this! (I've never had my seeds get this big this fast)

One thing I did not account for in the placement of my little garden was the fact the we do not have gutters. This means that when it rains (and it never just drizzles around here) a sheet of water comes right off the roof down onto the back part of my garden. A couple of heavy rain storms had done some damage  but the front half seems to be going strong! We've been able to enjoy some of the salad already and we are anxiously waiting for the rest of the veggies to appear.

For all of you who are experiencing nasty cold weather right now, I apologize for this post. I give you permission to rub your fresh veggies in my face in July when we are melting in the heat.

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