Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sun room continued

We are not finished with the sun room project even though I would like to be. My fear of the table saw/busy lives has pushed back the finish date but I'm hoping it's just around the corner. That being said, we have made significant progress on it.

Just to remind you we are going for this:

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which I found originally here. Last you saw we were here:

We had lots of pillow but nothing to attach them to yet. Now we are here:

So you can see that we have a structure in, pillows attached and most of them covered in the fabric I chose. Let me show you how we got to this point.

1. We decided to build the the benches in the room instead of trying to bring them in. This was helpful so that we could have the exact measurements as we went.

We made a back frame for each section

And then we added support pieces and attached a long 2 x 4 to the fronts so that they would hold together and be seamless

We then cut plywood to be our bench supports. There are five sections. 4 of the sections will lift to give storage from the top and the middle big section will have doors and shelves to hold games.

To make the seats comfortable, I took the Walmart pillows I told you about here and stapled them to the tops of the plywood.

I then covered the whole top in batting (once again using my staple gun)

And then covered it in fabric (which I got for $6/yard!) I decided to go with an outdoor fabric so that it will hold up over time and will be more stain resistant.

I then repeated the process over and over and over (I've used A LOT of staples). I also framed out the base so that we can attach plywood to it to close in the boxes. All this work has gotten us here

Here is a list of the things that still need to be accomplished 

Cut the plywood for the base and attach it
Finish attaching the batting and the fabric to the last two sections
Figure out what we are going to do for the doors 
Add finishing trim pieces

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