Monday, October 31, 2011

Dining room buffet

We were looking for a shoe storage solution a few weeks ago so I headed over to a furniture consignment shop that I had stumbled upon. They had a lot of cool things, but two dressers really stood out. I didn't buy them right off the bat because I wanted to check at a few more places and have Nate come and see them. I didn't find anything else that I liked and I really really liked these so the next morning Nate and I headed over to have him look at them and to see if they were still there.

Luckily for us, they were still there. Nate also liked them and after a little negotiating with the store, we decided to get them. It took a couple of trips, but we were even able to get them home in the Fit. 

Now the main reason for going was to get shoe storage, which we did, but you will have to wait for a later post to see that one. The one here is the larger of the two dressers that we decided to use as a buffet in the dining room. It has really cool separated drawers that are perfect for storing napkins and place mats and all our dining room necessities. 

It also perfectly fills in the empty wall that we had. (In this pic you can also see the one white chair I have painted so far). The best part of this dresser is the construction. It is solid wood with dove tail joints. This thing is solid (and obscenely heavy). It is also a Drexel Heritage dresser which I hadn't really heard of but apparently a dresser this size would be high hundreds to thousands of dollars which made us feel good about paying $125 for it and the mirror combined.

Now that I have all this storage, I will hopefully be able to unpack the 1 box that is still in the corner!


  1. beautiful! particularly like the picture with the awesome chandelier!!