Friday, October 21, 2011

Corn Maze

Last year we had a blast at a corn maze in MA. It's a fun way to enjoy some fall weather and treats. Therefore, when some friends invited us to a corn maze down here, we jumped at the chance. This corn maze was a little different from last year... mostly in the label "maze".

Last year
This year
If you can't tell from the pic, the corn was a little on the wee side. For the grown ups involved, this made the maze a little less challenging, but the four year old in the group seemed to enjoy leading us through.

Even though the maze was a little disappointing, there was some fun things. Here is Nate shooting a a corn cannon (which was shooting tennis balls and water bottles.... maybe because the corn didn't grow?)

They also had a bouncy pillow that the four year old had a grand old time on (she had to have jumped a couple of miles on that thing... back and forth and back and forth) and for the smaller ones, they had a mini corn maze made out of hay bales and a sandbox full of corn kernels.

Our friend's one year old very much enjoyed the kernels and managed to squirrel some away when no one was watching. It actually appeared as if she was producing them (imagine Chandler on Friends producing the pink balloons). A squeeze of the cheeks produced a kernel.. and then another.. and another... she found this quite funny.

Overall it was a very nice afternoon and we got to get a taste of fall. Since then it has dropped in temperature so it feels fall-ish as well (I am actually freezing... Nate thinks it's great) so we are really getting in the mood for Halloween!

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