Monday, October 24, 2011

Sun Room

We have been wanting to do something with the sun room for awhile now. If you remember, we liked these pics

decorativ seat at Cozy Sweet 10 Built-In Window Seat

After much deliberation, we decided we really like the layout better. Once we had that decided, we needed to figure out what we were going to have the cushions made of. This may seem a little weird, but the size of what we were going to use would determine somewhat what size we would have our window seat. We went through MANY options. 

The limiting property with all of our options was the price. If we did just regular 3 inch foam, it would have cost us hundreds of dollars to make all of the cushions. We definitely thought we could do better and we basically refused to pay more than $100 for the cushions. Other options we considered were twin mattresses (too big), mattress pads (still a little pricey), and thinner foam glued together. We spent basically an entire day going around to different stores trying to decide what to do. 

We finally landed on something at Walmart over in the pillow section. One of the main reasons that we never buy the cheap pillows from Walmart is because they are so dense. However, for the purposes of the cushions, we want them to be dense. They also happened to be basically the perfect size for what we were looking to do. Also, at less than $5 a pillow, they were our cheapest option. For a grand total of about $70 we were able to get 16 pillows (our checkout lady got a kick out of the number of pillows and the fact that Nate's shirt matched them).

We brought them home and laid them out to get an idea of how big the seat was going to be. 

We like the fact that we're still going to be able to have a table in the center (We want this to be a game area) and that the back seat is bigger so it can be a great reading area. Now we just have to build the rest of it!

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