Tuesday, August 23, 2011

St. Petersburg

And we're back!

We had many things going on this weekend that resulted in a lot of craziness and a blog hiatus. The most exciting thing was that our friends Court and Jess visited! Throughout this week I'll be showing you our adventures, starting today with our day trip to St. Petersburg Fl (St. Pete). St. Pete is located on the West coast (Gulf side) of Florida and in order to get there, you have to take a bridge that is 8 miles long. This was a slightly daunting idea especially since there is a sign before you get on asking you if you have enough gas.... apparently running out in the middle of the bridge is a common issue??? Also, the idea of being over nothing but the water for quite a ways was a little scary... especially if you don't like bridges and if you are science nerds like us that don't think it's really reasonable/feasible to build a 8 mile long bridge. This all led to a huge build-up in our minds. Then we got to the bridge and everything became a lot clearer.

This bridge was not a classic New England bridge (I'm thinking the bridge to Newport, RI) where you are hundreds of feet above this water. This bridge was basically sitting on the water and if I had to guess, I would say that the water wasn't much more than 10 ft deep. All the classic fears associated with bridges (Tacoma Narrows bridge anyone?) like the bridge collapsing and plummeting to your death kind of dissolve when truly the biggest issue is running out of gas.

Now, despite the fact that telling you about the bridge took more time than it took to drive across it, I have to mention that the design of the bridge is pretty cool if you think about it. At first I was confused because I  thought they would have a lot of issues with flooding. Then I realized we were in the Gulf so that was probably less of an issue. The only time it might be is during a Hurricane but 1. you shouldn't be driving across a bridge in a hurricane (common sense) and 2. The bridge is going to sustain a lot less damage from the wind and/or flying debris if it is close to the water instead of up in the air. I love coming across smart designs!

O.K. I am now done talking about the bridge. On to St. Pete. We did a lot of cool things while there and so I'm going to break it up a little. Here are some pics from The Pier.



Here are some from the beach next to the pier

We even got to enjoy a snack outside before the afternoon thunderstorms

Yum... Gorgonzola Fonduta with homemade chips

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