Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homeward Bound

After over a month of family reunions, visiting friends, weddings, and crashing in other people's homes, on Sunday we headed out for our own. The plan was to leave at 1 pm so that we could drive through the night and get to FL late afternoon and crash (opposed to leaving in the morning, getting in in the morning, and having to stay awake all day). Between testing the roof rack on our car, getting food for the trip and general craziness of pre-long tripness, we finally got on the road at 3 pm. I took the first turn.

Can you tell that I was happy to be heading home??

Initially, I wanted to take pics of the welcome signs in all of the different states we went to. This meant that I got very excited when we saw,

even the fact that there were over 200 miles in PA to get through had me exclaiming "that's not bad at all!".

Fast forward 3 hrs and my excitement had turned into resentment for the largeness of PA. I think in the last hr I asked Nate in a very whiny tone "why is PA so big??" about 12 times. Adding to my down trodden mood was the crazy drivers and the fact that we couldn't get pics of the welcome signs in the dark. This is the next sign that we could get a pic of.

In the dark we went through Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Nate took the night shift letting me get some shut eye and then I took over again to let him sleep. The dogs slept basically the entire way.

Shortly after hitting Georgia we finally made it to...

And then after the excitement wore off, Nate woke up, we switched, and we drove another 3 hrs, we finally made it home. It took 23 hrs, multiple pit stops and a countless amount of caffeinated beverages, but we made it!

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