Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Chandelier Installed

We had a bit of a casualty on the way home. Technically, it was after we got home and were unloading the car. I know you're worried it was the TV but fret not. Unfortunately, it was the nice large jar for the center of our chandelier :(. While this was incredibly sad, don't cry yet. On a trip into Ace, Nate found a super surprise for me.

This is a collector's edition 1 gallon mason jar!! It is honestly the biggest mason jar I have ever seen and I never new a piece of glass would make me so happy.

With crisis adverted, it was time to install this baby! First step, turn off the power to the circuit. Second step, take ugly old chandelier down.

Third step, install new chandelier. Forth step, turn power back on and make sure it works and hop up and down and cheer when it does.

Here is the new and improved dining room with the new and improved chandelier.

And here is a before and after. I love how size appropriate it is now and how it matches the mirror behind it!

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