Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Reunion

On Friday we said goodbye to Boston for the foreseeable future. On the way out, we had to stop by Brandeis to file Nate's forms to make sure he received his PhD, and so we took our last harrowing trip down Storrow Drive.

Bye Boston! We love you!
We had a pretty long trip ahead of us so we decided to tag in our most reliable driver a.k.a THE ZO-ZO.

Just Kidding! This is just what happens when Nate leaves us in the car for more than a few minutes. But doesn't she look confident in that seat? It's like she is thinking "if only I had longer limbs".

Anywho, once the final papers were filed, we headed back on the road and made our way to NY. We dropped off the pups with Nate's mom and turned South towards PA. The family reunion was in the Poconos which we had never been to. As it turns out, it requires a lot of back roads to get to where we were going and it was one of the few times that I was actually praying for a break to suddenly appear on the passenger side of the car. We kept going and going and suddenly we were there.

The weekend composed of a lot of relaxing, a lot of eating and a lot of catching up. Here are a few pics*.

 After a great couple of days catching up with everyone, it was time to move on again. Many goodbyes sent us on our way back up to NY to pick up the dogs. After just one night visiting with Nate's Mom and Tom, we left this morning to head up to Pulaski NY to visit with Nate's Sister. With just over 2 weeks left to our New England+ summer adventure, we are looking forward to staying in one place for a little bit. Stay tuned for our adventures in upstate NY.

*If you want these photos or any others from this weekend just shoot me an email.

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