Thursday, October 22, 2015

Will- Two and a Half

We've hit some major milestones with Will and so I felt it was time to document these new achievements!

Right now I'm:
  • A big helper
  • In a big boy bed
  • Daytime potty trained
  • Wearing size 11(!) shoes
  • Talking a lot more and saying mostly full sentences
  • Riding a tricycle and trying to keep up with the big kids in the neighborhood
  • Swimming while holding a noodle
  • Loving gymnastics, singing, dancing, riding in the car with the windows down, taking pictures and helping mama and dada with house projects
  • Going to Montessori school 3 days a week and LOVING it.
  • Counting to 19 and reciting about half the alphabet without help
  • Food: Yogurt... we go through copious amounts of yogurt and I think of Burn Notice every time I buy it
  • Books: All aboard the Dino train, Olivia, Go dogs go and Giraffes can't dance
  • TV/Movies: Thomas, Curious George and Frozen (he went through a phase where he would put Olaf to bed every night and tuck him in and sing Twinkle Twinkle to him)
  • Music: Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk, although he also knows some Taylor Swift and other pop songs that he will randomly bust out lyrics to (and ask "I want loud" in the car when he wants the song turned up). He also loves and will sing: Twinkle Twinkle, You are my sunshine, Wheels on the bus, ABC's and Do Re Mi
  • Comfort Items: Lovie, Teddy, Bear and paci during naps and overnight. He also recently likes having a blanket
  • Sayings: "I want to snuggles", "Um.... Ok!", "Where IS ____?", "Band-aid?", "Take puppies for a walk?", "Will-will help?", "What (mama/dada) doing?", "Come here (Madline/Zozos)!" (with hand gestures)

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