Monday, September 14, 2015


Every once in awhile my birthday lands on Labor Day. This not only means I get my birthday off from work, but I get a three day weekend to go along with it. It was nice that this hit on my 30th since I needed the extra day to adjust to the new number. There has been a lot of adjustment to "newness" the last few months and since I haven't really thought about 30 much it hit harder than a lot of other birthdays.

This year, Nate took charge of birthday stuff and planned a whole bunch of day trips around Arizona for us to explore! It's nice living near Phoenix, but it is also really refreshing to escape to the surrounding areas for a little quiet and a lot more greenery. We got to take a little breather away from craziness for a few days which I really needed so it was the perfect way to spend the weekend.

Warning... Prepare for picture overload... and enjoy!

Shopping/Splash pad/Lunch

Bartlett Lake


County Fair - near Flagstaff

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