Monday, June 22, 2015

We Moved!

We've been MIA for a couple of weeks as we packed up everything we owned and moved across the country from FL to even hotter AZ! Here are a bunch of updates:

Nate did most of the actual driving of the move, driving one car out a couple of weeks ago and then driving a 26' truck (towing the other car) with the dogs out about a week ago. This was all so that Will didn't have to make the 32+ hour drive which I think everyone was very grateful for but I'm pretty sure he never wants to see another truck again.

I've basically been either packing or unpacking for a straight month now so I'm pretty sick of it, but the new place is coming together slowly. We'll start sharing pics of the new house once things settle a bit more. The goal is to have everything unpacked before I start my residency on Monday... wish me luck.

We're under contract on our FL house and should be settled on that in about a month so we'll also be sharing before and after pics and a final house tour soon. 

In case you aren't aware, it's really really hot in Phoenix so we dropped everything yesterday and headed up to Flagstaff to get some cooler weather. The scenery here is a lot different than what we are used to, so instead of sharing any more boring moving details, here are some awesome pics from our day trip!

It's not only hot but really sunny!

Luckily we haven't see any yet

Lowell Observatory

Pluto was discovered here!

Telescope used to discover Pluto

Getting to move the telescope

Pluto Dome

The pine trees smelled AMAZING!

We're loving the mountain views everywhere

SkyRide up to the top of AZ Snow Bowl

"SkyRide" = Chair lift

This enthusiasm lasted for half the ride

Will took a bunch of pictures in our attempt to keep him occupied


Did I mention I don't like heights??

Top of the Snow Bowl

Elevation 11,510 ft!

Will did not mind the height... at all

Will wanted to take a snowball home... he did not succeed 

Ski dreaming

Don't be fooled... it was a portapot 

Going back down was a lot scarier

Biggest white birch we've ever seen

Rt 66

Since no post is amazing without a before and after...

The chairlift was a little scary with Will but the whole day was totally worth the cool weather and amazing views! We're definitely heading back!

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