Monday, June 29, 2015

Arizona House Living Room... Sort of

Today was my first day of residency and I did not reach the goal of getting everything unpacked. I got about 90% there on things I could unpack and we still have a bunch of boxes that we just don't have a place to put the contents. The biggest issue is that the Florida house had so many built-ins by the time we were done with it and the new house has nothing for shelving. It's a big beige box.

Above is the relator pic of the dining room/living room combo before we moved in and below is the real life chaos that is going on in the same space now. We are having a hard time with the amount of blank wall space combined with lack of shelving so for now, nothing is on the walls (except the TV). We have been going through different ideas for a couple of weeks and we think we have at least one wall figured out so hopefully things we'll be on the walls and out of boxes soon.

While we are trying to figure out the walls, we've also had a floor situation. We only kept a couple of rugs when we moved and one went in Will's room so we were left with the one from Will's playroom. I love this rug but it is too small and too beige for the living room. I never intended it for this space but with the hard tile we needed something for this spot until we found a new rug.

After checking Craigslist a million times in the last two weeks, I finally found a winner. I got an 8' x 10' barely used Pottery barn rug with a rug pad for $150 (woo hoo!). It makes such a huge difference and I hate the beige walls just a little bit less now.

The chairs are also new to this house. We got them after the second day of having nowhere in the house to sit while we waited for the truck to get here. They're from Ikea and so far I love them. They are deep and SUPER heavy so they don't move around. 

Small changes and a little progress at a time is how we're rolling right now.  

How do you unpack?

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