Monday, May 18, 2015

Trimming the Peninsula

We often get to the point in a project where the function is 100% there but the finishing details are missing. Then we just get used to how it looks and don't finish... until we have to.

This was the case for our peninsula in our kitchen. Everything worked but we never finished the trim. There was no way we were listing our house with this unfinished so I spent a couple of days finishing things off. I cut down some scrap wood into blocks that I could wrap the bottom and top of the posts with.

This gave me a base that I could work off of. Then I added trim to the top and bottom of the blocks.

Cutting down and mitering the corners of all this trim took forever but it was definitely worth the time. Even with just the trim up things were looking better.

You can see at this stage that I didn't worry too much about gaps or making the corners perfect. This will all be taken care of with caulk and paint.

Next up was the baseboard around the peninsula. This was so much faster to install since it required a  lot fewer cuts. I wrapped the baseboard around the side once again not worrying too much about gaps or corners.

Things went from rough looking to almost finished with a round of caulk. I love how this step really makes any little flaws disappear.

A few coats of paint latter and it looked like the trim had always been there. It makes a huge difference and it's one of those things that we ask ourselves why we didn't do it ages ago.

With everything back in place, you wouldn't notice that we did anything but it totally would have stuck out like a sore thumb if we had left it as it was.

One more thing crossed off the never ending finish list!

Do you have little things on your to do list that once you do them, you can't believe it took you so long to get to it?

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