Monday, December 29, 2014

Internal DIY Dialogue: Alphabet book

 8 pm Dec 23: Despite starting this Christmas present Christmas Eve Eve, I'm doing great! I have all the chipboard cut, photo's printed, cut and sealed, now all I have to do is assemble it. No Problem!

8:15 pm: Why is this tape being so uncooperative!

8:16 pm: Despite cutting my finger twice, this exacto knife WILL NOT CUT the tape! Bring out big exacto knife

8:20-9:15: Try to figure out why Will is up Screaming and try to get him back down.

9:30 pm: Have Nate take over with Will. Assemble the rest of the chipboard into a book.

10 pm: Time to attach the pictures! (while keeping everything out of view of Will who is now up and running around)

10:01 pm: Is that too much? It looks like too much....

10:05 pm: S***. I cut the stupid chipboard slightly the wrong size. Maybe the adhesive showing will just dry.

11 pm: It doesn't look amazing but not too bad.

11:05 pm: A little better. I'll just let it dry

12 pm: Finally get Will down

9 am Dec 24: Check book... Almost ALL pages are stuck together....

9:05 am: Kicking myself as I unpeel all pages, remove peeled off sealant from photos and respray them. HOPE they don't stick again.

Guess what? They stuck... less this time but the last few pages are definitely not in the best shape. Not that Will cares but I will be trying this project again with more than 24 hrs to complete it.

Did you try any DIY Christmas presents this year? How'd yours turn out?

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