Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nineteen Months & Halloween

Halloween was really great this year. It felt really festive and we got to spend time with friends. Will definitely got the concept of trick or treating after a couple of houses and loved getting the candy and putting it in his little bag (and of course eating it). 

Unfortunately, our little lion picked up the stomach flu somewhere in all the festivities and it hit at the very inconvenient time of right after he ate a lot of candy and about 20 minutes before we got home (so our babysitter had to take the first hit). We spent most of Friday night up comforting him (he had never thrown up before so he was very confused) and then I got it about 24 hours later. Will bounced back pretty fast but I don't remember the last time I was this sick and I'm only feeling normal again today. Nate's still holding out so keep your fingers crossed.

Since I'm up and running again, it's time to finally do Will's 19 month post. Followed are some pics from all the fun we had last week pre-plague 

Right now I'm:
  • Feeding myself quite well
  • Slowly increasing the number of words I say
  • Communicating very well through pointing, head shaking, grunting and throwing tantrums
  • Very curious
  • Very helpful in any way I can be
  • Extremely mobile and strong
  • Loving my bounce cow, clown car, legos and stacking anything to knock over
  • Insistent on giving the dogs their treats
  • No longer using a high chair or booster seat when eating... only regular seats for me!
  • Very sweet and good natured 
  • Very into music but not so much TV (I've been "singing" what sounds like the abc's or twinkle twinkle for weeks now)

Trunk or Treat

 Pumpkin Pendulums!

Dancing and clapping to the music

 Look at all those trunks!

 Snow cone!

Trick or Treat

 Mr. Lion and Tim the tool man taylor

 "Say Cheese"

 I apparently was a social experiment... guess what I am

T-minus 5 hours to sick baby

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