Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Seventeen Months

We took a little blogging break over the long weekend and now we have so much to share with you! We'll have more fun adventures to share over the next couple of weeks but today the little guy is another month older. It's getting harder and harder to capture a still photo and this one just stole my heart!

Right now I'm:

  • Getting pretty good at going up and down stairs like a big boy
  • Trying to jump
  • Loving eating food that I can hold myself (apples, peaches, corn on the cob)
  • Only saying some words sporadically but getting really good at communicating non-verbally
  • Over shoes and now really into socks
  • Leaning in for a kiss when asked
  • Throwing all my trash away without being asked 
  • Stacking towers and knocking them down with glee
  • Getting a pretty good throwing arm  

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