Monday, September 29, 2014

Birds on the Ceiling

So my arms are tired but I'm finally done with our birds on the playroom ceilings. I initially had dreams about doing something along the entire length of sunroom ceiling but after just a little while, my arms begged to differ. Working on ceilings sucks.... so we decided to make it look like the birds were flying across the playroom ceiling instead... 

I think I like this more then if we did the whole ceiling.

I was really in love with this wallpaper but the price point was a little steep for us and the idea of wallpapering a ceiling is a great way to induce DIY nightmares so I found a set of Martha Stewart Stencils that included a similar bird. I bought the stencil and some foam pouncers and used a combination of reddish and yellow Martha Stewart paint which I still had from our stamped pillows to create a similar look.

As I said, working on the ceiling sucks... gravity just doesn't play nice. To really do this right, you need like four hands so I used some painters tape to help hold up the stencil. I also cut the stencil in half (cutting off parts that I wasn't using) so there would be less drooping in the middle.

Even with that, I still had to hold the stencil up a bit while I blotted the paint on. (taking pictures while working at night is also a challenge... hence the weirdly colored photos)

After the birds were dry, I added detail to the birds with a paint pen. I traced each bird, added feather detail and an eye. This made them look a little less blobby and more like the birds in the wallpaper that I love.

I love this paint pen, the pen goes on smoothly and you can control the amount and thickness of the paint by using the center or edge of the tip.

This was not a quick project since it required so much over the head work, but it was a great "I have 15 min what can I do" project. I love the birds, and more importantly, Will loves the birds. He also loves his playroom which we have set up even though we aren't really finished.

Want to do this project? Here are the exact products we used:

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