Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunroom Trim Priming

When we moved into our house, it was very wood heavy. There was also some weird things with the trim, which you can see above, like part of the floor trim painted white and the interior window trim painted white. All of the upstairs window trim was painted white and some of the baseboards were also white. It took awhile, but we finally decided that it made the most sense to finish painting all the trim white. Since then, we have been slowly working our way through the house. 

The sunroom was the most heavily laden wood trim room and I've been itching to paint it for a long time. We want this room to be light an airy and the trim was just dragging it down. The only problem was that it is a lot of trim so it takes a lot of motivation to do it all. We've learned that using oil based primer on this trim saves a lot of time (much better coverage) and so this time I decided to try a trim roller as well to see if that would speed up the process even more. (and yes, this is how our rooms look like mid way through a project)

Overall, the roller did speed things up a little but I did have to hand paint quite a bit and since it was an extra thing to clean up, I'm not sure if I would use one again. Plus, it left the trim slightly textured instead of smooth... we'll see if painting helps with that at all.

Since the focus is on getting the playroom ready for Will, I only worked on the trim on the playroom side and left the office side to do later. Even though I only did half the room, it still took me about 4 hours over a few days.

Things are already looking brighter but the annoying thing about priming is that you have to paint over it! So I'm currently slowly working my way around the room with paint. The good thing is that with the playroom side down we'll essentially only have one full room (two half rooms) left before the wood trim is gone!

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