Monday, July 21, 2014

The Official Guest Room UnReveal

Is there such a thing as a room unreveal?....

Because if there isn't, there really should be...

Because believe it or not....

This is what the room looks like after we cleaned up a bunch. 

This is the room that will eventually be Will's big boy room, but until then it has been our catch all room and our second guest room when we have a lot of people come to stay. Since the later will be true in a couple of weeks, it is the perfect kick in the pants to get the room clean and sleep ready (and to finally craigslist a bunch of stuff!)

Do you have a room that is a perpetual catch-all?


  1. Ick! Yes...and I've posted pictures of it...and it is still in dire need of attention.
    You have lots of potential in this room...
    I bet it looks great when y'all get finished with it.

    1. Thanks! We always dread going through stuff and then feel so much better after!