Thursday, June 12, 2014

TBT Blog Style: Flippin' the Kitchen and Dining Room I

I have to say it's really fun to look back at these photos of our first house. As you walked in the front door, your eyes are immediately drawn back to the kitchen. 

Rather than delve right into this wonderful specimen of a kitchen, we will first build suspense by first turning to the right, walking through the living room (just as stately guests would have) and head toward the dining room. 

The pink carpet in this luxurious dining room is really brought to life by this 70s style ceiling fan - a must for any dining room. There is wonderful light streaming in on the right, and you can just make out a a dark room to the left.

Turning toward this mystery, we see what promises to be a gorgeous kitchen...

After your eyes adjust, you can now see a linoleum floor, a great concealer of all sins. Before you remark on how pleasantly surprised you are by this nicely polished kitchen, I want you to count the number of base cabinets.

That's right: none (to speak of). There's one under the sink and then 3 half ones . . . Thank goodness they put in a really big refrigerator with some pantry units:

This post kicks off a series of TBT posts where we take this space and completely redesign it. Just to keep everyone oriented, I wanted to include the 1st floor layout. Notice how this is the main thoroughfare to the other half of the house and the upstairs!

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