Monday, March 31, 2014

Well that was fun... {Big News}

So no posts last week... I tried really hard but half a post sat in my to do box while a crazy week happened around it. By yesterday afternoon this pretty much summed up the feeling in the house:

My stress level was at 100% all week. The week started with my candidacy defense so that I could become a PhD candidate. This involved a 50 min presentation on my proposed work, 50 min of questions from my committee and then 10 min of me standing out in the hall while my committee decided whether I passed. While I didn't feel like I was 100%, I did pass! Nate and I went out that night to celebrate but I was exhausted and I didn't really have any time to recover. I had two papers due for a class on Thursday and on Friday I gave a presentation at a conference. To top it off, Will's birthday party was yesterday so we tried to find time during the week to plan.

On Nate's side, we have bigger news. About a month ago, Nate decided to quit his job. I'm not going to go through everything, but the work environment had become very toxic so when he was offered another job, he took it. He now is working from home and he's much happier. However, the last few weeks he has been in training. This involved one week in Arizona and then the last couple of weeks of learning all the new ins and outs of his job. Luckily, our parents have come down to help out which enabled us to get our stuff done (Big Thank you!) but overall Nate and I have been on edge for awhile.

Now that we were able to get Will's party off successfully, we can relax just a little. This also means we have a ton of things to share with you! So keep checking back for some new great posts!

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