Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby Proofing Inexpensively Part I

We're in full swing baby proofing mode. It's been on our radar for awhile now but with Will moving around more, it became a bigger priority. Since we have an open living area, we wanted a play area for Will in the living room. The wood floors, while nice, are not great for Will while he figures out how to control his little body. We needed a lot more cushion for him to play on.

Our living room is fairly large. It doesn't feel very big until I try to find a rug that doesn't look teeny tiny in it. It's especially hard when I don't want to drop a grand on a rug. That's why when we happened upon a 10.5' x 12' remnant at Lowe's for $33 we snatched it up. Since it was a remnant, I had to finish the edges (which I'll go over tomorrow) but it was well worth the effort for such a large rug.

We also found a local rug company that sells inexpensive rug pads so we got enough for under the large rug for about $40. While this significantly improved the floor situation, for the area that Will actually plays in, we wanted a little extra protection. I found this 5' 3" x 7' 6" rug at Rugs USA. They tend to have a lot of sales and I initially got this one for 55% off. They happened to have one day when it was 65% off after I bought it and so I called and asked if they would honor that price since it hadn't shipped yet and they did! I was super happy and I LOVE this rug (and as you can see, so do the dogs). It is soft and cushy and just what we were looking for.

Overall, to make the living room a little more cushy underfoot, we spent ~$200 and a little elbow grease. Much better than what we have been able to find for a large finished rug.

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