Monday, August 12, 2013

Happenings with Will

Apparently, Will decided that 4 months was a good time to become (what seems like) a lot more independent.

His baby swing finally kicked the bucket but the baby swing at the park is now a favorite (instead of swinging with one of us). He also has started solid (aka mushy) food and while he generally isn't thrilled about that, he has decided that he wants to hold his bottle when he gets milk. The biggest change is that this week he has decided to put himself to sleep. He used to need a lot of snuggles and rocking to get really drowsy before going down. Now he gets fussy if we try to do that but is asleep within 10 min if we just put him in the crib. It's an interesting change. Even though bedtime takes a lot less time now, I kind of miss the snuggle time.

On a side note, does anyone with little ones have any tricks to keep a baby on their belly once they can roll over? We've tried toys and mirrors but now that he knows how to roll, he likes to do it the second his belly hits the floor.

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