Monday, August 19, 2013

Furniture Musical Chairs

Our living space has a tendency to change pretty continuously. We are always moving furniture around to fit our current needs. Since we haven't shown you the living room in awhile, I thought I would share some of the more recent changes. Here is a wider view of our living room currently:

If we zoom in a bit (and if you have a really good memory), you'll notice that we have new side tables (neither is new... the left one is an inexpensive round table that we've had forever and the other is a really nice table given to us by Nate's aunt and uncle). We also brought our rocker downstairs for Will and currently have a more rustic mantel going on. I also actually ordered some pics of Will as a newborn and have a few displayed now.

On the other side of the room, we've moved the dresser that was serving as a buffet in the dining room under the TV. It's a little more kid friendly compared to the open shelves we had before (which are now in the office) and Nate's aunt and uncle gave us an actual buffet for the dining room. The shelves that used to be behind the couch are now in the baby's room so we moved the console table from the front hall into it's spot (the away spot for the stroller is now where the console table was).

So, basically, you can see that that our furniture is playing a rather large game of musical chairs. It's nice to have pieces that work well in multiple spots so that we can have the flexibility to arrange everything to our needs.

In other living room news, we are slowly coming to a consensus on how we are going to paint this room and I'm starting to get pretty excited about starting it.

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  1. I like the openness of your living room but at the same time it has a cozy feel too it.
    Most larger rooms seem empty or like the conversation is taking place across a canyon. Your room doesn't have that look. It is casual and cozy.
    I like IT and the color scheme.
    I think the curtains are easy on the eyes too. They draw your eye up to the ceiling which also seems tall.
    -- Pat