Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Will's Favorite Things: Travel

I feel like the first three months with Will we learned so much. Getting into this we really had no idea what we would actually use/what Will would like and I feel like we've finally gotten into a pretty good groove with him so for the rest of the week, we are going to share with you some of Will's favorite things mostly so we can document what worked best with him through this time period.

Today we are going to go over Will's favorite travel items. Some of the decisions for favorite things are biased by me if there is something about the object I don't like. For example, overall I like our strollers and carseat but they don't make the favorite list since I can name one thing about each that I see as a big flaw (jogging stroller: jumps oddly if wheel isn't locked and there isn't enough weight in it; stroller: spacing between wheels is too small so if I try to walk fast I kick the wheels; car seat: to get the straps latched you really need three if not four hands). So with that in mind, here are the fav's:

The Runner Up #1: Toy Bar

I did not take advantage of this thing soon enough. When we walk around the lake it is just under 4.7 miles and for awhile there we would make it exactly halfway and then Will wouldn't want to be in his carseat/stroller anymore and so I would carry him in the Bjorn. With the jogging stroller that would result in it jumping all over the place which was a serious pain and so I just started walking the whole thing with Will in the Bjorn. Well, my back didn't like that situation too much. Enter the toy bar. One of our friends had given us a ton of toys including this one and one day I decided to give it a try. It has elastic and velcro as the attachments so it fits pretty much every stroller/car seat. The first day I decided to try it, Will happily played with it for the first mile and a half then proceeded to fall asleep for the rest of the walk. It was awesome and the toy bar has now been a staple for any walk or car ride. 

The Runner Up #2: The Bjorn

Will really likes looking around and changes in scenery and the Bjorn let's me have two hands free while giving him that. While multiple miles with the Bjorn isn't great for my back, around the house and for trips out and about the Bjorn is awesome. 

The Winner: Froggy

Can you say AMAZING because that's what Froggy is. A friend of ours gave him to us about a month after Will was born and he has been a favorite in our house since. He has a pull that rattles his belly and Will LOVES him. He has calmed Will down from a full blown meltdown multiple times and now that he smiles, every time he gets in his carseat and sees Froggy he smiles really big and gurgles at him. Even though Froggy is a small toy, he makes a big difference on trips and we wouldn't leave the house without him.

I've provided links to the products listed for your convenience but they are not sponsored links, just the first link I found the product listed. 

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