Monday, July 22, 2013

Road Trip Part 3

Part 3: Friend Visits and Wedding #2

After leaving PA, we travelled to NY to pick up the dogs from Nate's mom's house and then travelled on to Boston.

Tip #6: Look up places to stop that will wear out baby on the fly

Throughout most of our travels, our planned stops didn't end up working with nap schedules. We did however, make use of our smartphones to look up state parks, zoos and other fun spots to stop that would have a lot of things for Will to look at so we could wear him out quickly. We got pretty good at predicting when Will would wake up and look for things near where we would need to stop.

Once we got to the Boston area, we checked into our hotel (we used La Quinta a lot since they have an awesome dog policy) and spent the next few days visiting with friends. It was really nice to see everyone and to have Will meet two of our friend's little girls that are basically one year older than he is.  It was a lot of fun to see the interaction between the little ones. We also got to go to one of my favorite places, Wilson Farm in Lexington, which is where we took the pic of Will in front of the Sweet William. We did a quick drive by of our old house and besides an awful side door color, the house still looks pretty good.

Once we left Boston, the following couple of days were a little crazy. We drove up to my parents house in ME and then drove back down to NH on Friday and Saturday sans baby/dogs for our friend's rehearsal and wedding.

Tip #7:  When leaving baby, make a care list a few days early... it gives you time to remember the things you forgot.

Traveling with just the two of us was definitely faster even though we did miss the little guy while we were gone. It was nice to have some alone time and the weather couldn't have been better for both days. The wedding was right on the ocean and it was just blue skies and salty breezes the entire time. I also expanded my palette at the rehearsal dinner and tried blood sausages which I surprisingly liked.

Tip #8: After living in FL for awhile bring a sweater/jacket EVERYWHERE

Nate was in the wedding so I took some pics while he did his duties and I'm still surprised that nobody took a digger on those rocks... heels + unstable ground = recipe for disaster. There was a ton of great food and my fav was definitely the mashed potato bar.... including mashed sweet potatoes... I had to go get a snack right now just thinking about them. The only negative of the evening was when I asked the bartender for a fruity drink and he gave me a cranberry juice.... just cranberry juice. I found it more funny than anything else but made sure to be a bit more specific other times. It was a great night of meeting new people, eating great food and celebrating an awesome couple!

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