Friday, June 28, 2013

Rack It Up

For the longest time we have always hung our most used pans since they seem to be the hardest to store and still be able to use everyday. We had them hanging on the wall next to the pantry during most of the past two years but for the past few months they have been living in a stack on the pantry counter taking up space. Now that the cook top has a permanent new spot, so do the pans.

The wall directly to the left of the cook top is the perfect size for the racks that we already owned and since our walls are nice and tall, we can have a row of pans and still have space underneath for other things.

From this angle it is hard to tell, but there is basically enough space between the hood and the wall for me to squeeze in and maneuver just enough to do stuff like paint that little square on the ceiling or attach the rack to the wall. While it was a little awkward trying to juggle the rack with the screws and drill, getting this thing up still didn't take more than 10 min.

Then it was just a matter of hanging the hooks and then the pots on the hooks.

Here's a wider view. I can comfortably take the pans down and put them up without a stool. You may notice that we downgraded the number of pans hanging. We now have just the pans that we actually use on a regular basis out. The rest are stored away for the times that we do heavy cooking and need extras.

The most exciting part of this project is that it is the beginning of the small finishing projects. While we still have paint and trim to tackle, it is nice to get a few small projects accomplished that get us just a little closer to calling this project done.

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