Monday, June 17, 2013

Life Happenings

We've had a busy week. It started last weekend with our test trip for a huge trip we have planned for later this summer. We are planning on driving up North and spending a couple of weeks with family and friends, but before setting out in a car for multiple days, we decided it would be a good idea to see how Will did on a mini trip. So, we headed up to Gainesville to visit Nate's cousin for the weekend. 

We took a nice walk (and saw a croc up close... it never gets old!) and went to a butterfly sanctuary on Saturday. We spent the night, grabbed some breakfast the next day, and then headed home. It was a quick trip, but Will did great and we were able to get a much more accurate list of things we need and what we can leave at home.

We spent the week working and spending time with friends. Will started being entertained by his play mat for much longer periods of time as well as wanting to sit or "stand" when he's not playing on his mat.

We also got a Bjorn Bouncer which allows him to sit up without us holding him all the time and it bounces when he moves which he like a lot. I also can't get over his super long red eyelashes!

We had friends over on Saturday for a BBQ/swim but a pretty severe thunderstorm came through putting the kibosh on outside activities and knocked out our power. Will also freaked out which we think was weather related, so we all headed over to the other side of the lake where our friends' houses still had power to watch movies and play games. 

Of course yesterday was Father's day and we spent Nate's first father's day going out to breakfast and getting him sunglasses (after not having a pair for 2 years in FL he desperately needed them) as well as a haircut (which he also desperately needed... see pics above). We spent the afternoon hanging out as a family watching the new Arrested Development episodes on Netflix. We also grabbed the camera and my tripod and got some pics in front of some cool metal gates near one of the lakes nearby.

Overall, we had a great week, but they sure go by a lot faster when we're this busy!

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