Monday, June 24, 2013

Kitchen: We're Getting Closer!

Pretty much all of our trim in our house is basics boards with corner trim around the outside (see the door frame on the left). We not only like the look (we think it looks a lot more finished), but the corner trim hides a bunch of sins if you're like us and reuse trim to save some cash. 

Since we don't want the "new" trim to stand out from the original, we grabbed some corner trim from Lowe's and after cutting it down to size with our chop saw, nailed it into place with our nail gun (still one of my most favorite tools). Here's the top piece installed:

And then both sides:

We did the same on the other side around the appliance wall (also, if I don't really pay attention, all the pictures I take are crocked... it's a problem):

The appliance wall trim also got a coat of primer.

You may also have noticed the walls got painted. Progress sometimes seems slow around here but we are slowly getting things done! Here is a shot from a few months ago vs today.


1 comment:

  1. Looking good!
    I think I have you beat on slow progress!
    But...y'all have youth going for you. :)
    I love that appliance that a pantry next to the fridge?
    thanks for showing the before and after, too.