Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day. We celebrated the long weekend by bringing Will to the beach for the first time!

We headed over to Siesta Key and finally made it to the water after hunting down a parking spot. It was especially festive with everyone's brightly colored umbrellas. After a successful dip in the pool earlier in the week, we tried a dip in the Gulf:

After an initial positive reaction, it was quickly determined that the Gulf water was still a little too cold.

The couple of dips in the water and some hang out time on the blanket tuckered Will out so we took a walk down the beach to a less crowed area while Will napped. A lot of people oohed and ahhed at Will as we walked by but only one woman actually stopped us to take a peak at him. We always find this a little awkward but she also offered to snap a pic so now we have a family photo of Will's first trip to the beach which is really nice.

We also now have a smiley boy on our hands and in the attempt to capture the elusive smile, we get some great shots, so here is another installment of the many faces of Will. The colored pictures are from the beach and the black and white ones Nate took in the car while I ran into Trader Joe's on the way home from the beach (it's the closest one to our house and the reason we chose to go to Siesta key :) ).

We finished off yesterday with a BBQ at a friend's house and today we're laying low and relaxing!

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