Monday, February 18, 2013

Refinishing Time

Awhile back I showed you my childhood dresser and how I made a stencil to save the bear design on it. The goal for that was to have the option to repaint the bears on the dresser once I refinished it.

Well, I created that stencil months ago and since then the dresser has been sitting in our dining room waiting to get refinished. We want everything newly painted/installed to have time to air out for awhile before the baby gets here, so we have a goal to have everything finished in the baby's room by March 1st. That meant I had to get on it and get this dresser refinished.

We took the dresser out to the garage and broke out the sander. The exterior of this dresser is all solid wood so I used a low grit sandpaper on the drawer fronts to remove all the paint and a medium grit sandpaper on the rest to remove any rough spots (and a lot of old stickers) on the main dresser. The paint came off more easily than I thought it would and it only took about 45 min per drawer front to bring them back to their original wood.

I then used high grit sandpaper to smooth all the surfaces. Once everything was cleaned off and dried, the main dresser got a fresh coat of white paint and the drawer fronts were stained.

Now we need some new pulls and the bears need to make their reappearance and then this little dresser will be done!

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