Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby's Room? What Baby's Room?

OK... So we are pretty much 2 months away from my due date. Do you want to see the baby's room? It's pretty awesome...

Of course by awesome, I mean awesomely bad... 

The room is in the addition part of our house and one of the reasons it still looks like this is because we've been going back and forth with the extent of what we want to do back here and whether we want to be downstairs or upstairs with the baby. Here's what we've been going back and forth on.

In the pic below I'm standing in what will be the baby's room and the white door at the end is the door to the dining room. The door on the left is the bathroom and then the room with the white door is going to be our bedroom. The door in the middle is the transition from old house to addition.

In an ideal world, we would like to move the bathroom so it isn't awkwardly in the middle of everything and open up the wall between the old house and the addition to make a nice big open space. We got a quote for this and it was a little steep so we then decided to not take the wall down and just renovate the addition part. The more we sat on this decision, the more we felt like we were settling because we were trying to rush and get things done now.

In reality, there is no reason why anything major has to get done with the space right now. With a few minor changes, the space is really livable. Therefore, we've decided that we aren't going to do anything major and instead spend the next few years saving up for the renovation we actually want to do in this space. 

Based on my description, you've probably figured out that we decided to have this downstairs space be where we and the baby live. One major reason for this decision is the connivence of not having to do the stairs constantly during the day and having the baby in a quiet but very close spot to where I spend a lot of time. Another major reason brings us to the first minorish change we are going to do to this back room... laundry. 

Currently our laundry is in the garage and it's awful. Our plan is to bring it into this back room (same room as the baby) so we will go from super inconvenient laundry to max of 3 steps away from the biggest laundry producer. It will also provide nice white noise. Clothes storage will be installed all around the laundry units so it will also act as a closet on one wall. 

We also really like that with the middle door open, it will feel like the baby is in the same room as us (and this part of the house feels very separate from the rest of the house) but there is a little separation and if one person is up with the baby while the other is sleeping we can close the door but still have full access to the bathroom. 

So, with that fairly lengthy reasoning (which is mostly so I remember it later) here is what we are planning on doing in the baby's room.

1. (as I already mentioned) Move the laundry in
2. Secure and seal off the doors to the backyard. We considered taking them out but since we aren't sure what we want to do in the future, we are just going to make them unusable (including a couch in front of them) and use them as a light source.
3. Paint
4. Have carpet installed.

See isn't that minor? We're hoping to be finished by the end of this month so I'll have all of February to do the fun stuff in the baby's room and then in March we can just relax. Let's all keep our finger's and toe's crossed that it actually works out that way :)

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