Friday, December 7, 2012


This morning our kitchen was measured out for our new countertops! This is really exciting for us since we just plopped our old countertops back on our new cabinets so we could use the sink and it is definitely not an ideal situation. 

We talked about different types of countertops but we both agreed that the look we wanted for this kitchen definitely required white countertops. We really liked the look of marble but didn't love the amount of upkeep required so we went searching for a marble like granite. We really loved how durable our granite was in our last house and it is the one stone that consistently shows up on lists for the best countertops for families with kids. 

We checked our a few granite places around town and found a few slabs that we liked but nothing compared to one... this one to be exact:

I snapped this with my phone so it definitely isn't the most accurate pic of the coloring but it is a white granite with dark gray speckles as well as some blueish/greenish quartz which gives it a nice shimmer. We loved this granite but it did come at a price. If you read this blog regularly you know we rarely pay full price for big ticket items (like our cabinets which we got for 55% the retail price by buying locally) but every once in awhile, we splurge. These countertops were that item for the kitchen. Since we are not planning on replacing the countertops ever again and we Loved these, we knew we would only regret getting different ones later on.

Now don't get me wrong, we didn't just pay what they quoted us. Since there were other slabs that we did like at other places for a lot less, we were able to negotiate (benefit of going with local business vs big box stores) a bit. We eventually got them to knock about $300 off the price which got us out of the heart attack region and back into the breathing heavy but it's worth it region.

So that's how we got to today. All the measurements are done so the countertops will be fabricated early next week and installed later in the week!

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