Friday, November 2, 2012

20 Weeks

We are officially halfway through the pregnancy! Once again, there isn't too much to report on the bump... there is a tiny little bump growing but nothing like what I was expecting (or what I see when I look at pictures online). Unlike the bump, the kitchen has had some major changes in the past month. We have pulled up the floor and once again rearranged the layout. We're hoping that in the next month, we will make a ton of progress in this room!

This week, Baby is the size of a: Banana
How far along? 20 weeks
Due date: March 14, 2013 (to be updated on Monday)
Total weight gain/loss: Gained 2 lbs back so down 3 lbs
Maternity clothes? Kind of. My regular pants still fit but are a little uncomfortable when I sit too long since they sit right where the baby is. The maternity pants I got are still too big so they aren't super comfortable to wear all day. So right now, I am wearing a pair of maternity pants a friend gave me that fit really well (I find it silly that other people can give me pants that fit better than I can buy for myself) and using a belly band with my regular pants so if I get uncomfortable I can unbutton my pants without anybody giving me funny looks. 
Sleep: This has been going downhill fast. I've had one good night sleep in the past week. I've been getting up multiple times and sometimes not falling back to sleep for hours. When I am asleep I have super vivid dreams that make me feel like I am living another day at night. 
Best moment this month: Feeling the baby move. Some days it's just a little but other days I can feel almost constant movement.
Movement: Yep. I can feel the baby move a lot during the day but the movements aren't strong enough for me to feel with my hand.
Food cravings: My appetite is back and I'm mostly craving carbs. Veggies are also back on the table which is great. I'm still eating a lot of soup and sandwiches. 
Symptoms: My hips/backs and legs are still a big issue. My doctor has restricted how much I can walk everyday to try and reduce the pain a bit and I busted out my heating pad and started going to a yoga class to try and help. While this has helped a little, I still have times when I try to walk and it is extremely painful to bear any weight on my hips. 
Gender: We are so excited to find out on Monday!
Feeling toward Pregnancy: I'm really ready for a real baby bump. I'm fairly certain nobody at work believes that I'm pregnant at this point. I also had a pretty rough week with little sleep and a bit of a stomach bug so I've had a few meltdowns and have generally felt completely run down. I'm hoping a few good nights sleep will fix everything.
What I miss: Walking without pain but I've started biking more to get out and about and maintain some semblance of exercise.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender! I was off by a week and thought we were going to already know so the anticipation is pretty high.
Milestones: Feeling the baby move

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