Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Cuteness to Start Your Week

I haven't posted anything about the pups in awhile so I thought it would be appropriate to share some cuteness with the blog community on a day when everyone is sad the weekend is over. Don't get too excited though, I only have two pics for you.

This was the scene in our living room last Sunday. It may look like we drugged our dogs (especially Madeline) but really this is the result of having people over at our house all day. No naps all day = passed out cold puppies. They didn't even lift their heads when I made dinner which is completely unnatural in our house.

If you want to see Madeline happy, give her a squeak toy. If you want to see her completely spaz out, throw all her toys on the living room floor and squeak them all. This will result in her squeaking the daylights out of them until she is so exhausted that she is panting heavily and drinks two bowls of water. This pic was taken shortly after one of these episodes. Too tired to actually play with her toys, she cuddles in surrounded by her favorites and chills (and guards them from ZoZo).

So the morals for this week are:
1. Don't skip your naps
2. Don't work too hard

Have a great Monday!

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