Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Glasses Through

A few years ago a colleague told me about this website that sold really inexpensive glasses (as in less then $50 a pair). At the time I was really intrigued and checked out the website but I was nervous about spending any money on glasses that I couldn't try on first so I decided to not get any.

However, when I found out that was offering a free pair of glasses, I reconsidered. Plus, I've been wearing Zoe-chewed glasses for 2 years so I was due for a new pair. A new-to-me feature that made this process so much easier was the virtual try-on. You can upload a picture of yourself (or take one with your web cam) and then "try-on" the different glasses. While I wouldn't say that it is helpful for the colors, it is super helpful for the scale and size of the glasses. I spent a long time "trying-on" different glasses and I ended up with these.

I'm really happy with my choice. I've had half rimless glasses for a bit so it took a couple of hours to get used to the full frames but other that that I've had no issues with them.

Some things you should know.

  1. You need to have your eye glass prescription or be able to get it. You don't need to send it in, you just need to be able to fill out the numbers on the form. 
  2. You need to measure the distance between your pupils which is one of the ways you get the correct size glasses. This is a little difficult to do yourself so you'll need someone to get nice and close to your face if you can't get the correct distance yourself.
  3. The only issue I had with the process was with the shipping company that is used with Firmoo. They attempted delivery but didn't leave a ticket so after 2 days of waiting to see if they would try and deliver again, I had to go hunting for the package. I finally found it at our local post office so if that happens to you, that's where you should look!
I got these glasses completely free for being a blogger and writing this review (with opinions 100% mine) but if you've never used Firmoo, then you can get a free pair as well! All you have to do is fill out their form and pay for shipping. It's a fairly easy process and really who can say no to free stuff! For more info you can check everything out here.

And just because I'm not "smiling with my eyes" as Nate would say in the pic above, here is a pic that our friend's 2 year old took when she was messing around with my camera. You can't see in either picture, but the sides look like stained glass. I think they are super cute and I must say they fit better and feel just as sturdy as my $250 pair of glasses. 

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