Thursday, May 10, 2012

Restaurant Gluten Free Pizza

I feel that gluten free pizza is hit or miss when you try to get it at a restaurant. I've had some amazing ones and some horrible ones. In Boston I had my go to place and I've been missing it since coming to FL (although I heard rumor that it closed so I guess I would be missing it up there too).

I had been told about a restaurant down here that serves gluten free pizza, but we hadn't made it over there yet. Until last week that is. I was really craving pizza and really didn't want to make it so we headed over to pick me up a gluten free pie.

Here is a run down of the pros and cons:


  • It smelled amazing! (This is probably weird to have as my first pro but seriously, one of the best smelling pizzas I've had)
  • It tasted good (not as good as my fav in Boston, but still pretty good)
  • Toppings were plentiful (as you can tell fron the pic)
  • It was small. Now, it did say personal pizza on the menu, but even still, this pizza was pretty tiny. As in, Nate's Totino's frozen pizza was a comparable size.
  • It was pricy. With tax at tip it was around $11. When you consider we paid $1.50 for Nate's similarly sized pizza, it seems crazy expensive. The place I used to go to charged this much for a pizza almost 3 times as big.
As you can see, the pros barely win out on this pizza. It is probably something I will rarely treat myself to, but it's good to know I have an option if people really want to go out for pizza.

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  1. I have Celiac too and understand the challenges of gluten-free pizza. I've tried many, but either they have no taste or the crust is like trying to eat cardboard. I've even tried making my own crust, but the crust was too doughy. I want a crust that is a little crunchy on the outside and softer inside - Pizza Hut style. I found my favorite GF pizza at the grocery store. It's by Against the Grain, and it is seriously the closest thing I've had to the real deal in a long time. If they have the Against the Grain brand there, try it - it won't disappoint. They also make an awesome french bread loaf. Yum!