Thursday, May 3, 2012

Brighten Up My Life: Front Hall

We're making progress in the front hall and this is just another instance where I am shocked at what a difference a little paint makes. Last week I showed you a before pic of the hall.

Here are a few more angles

I wouldn't mind the wood trim if it wasn't so orangey and if the base trim wasn't having an identity crisis. All of the upstairs base trim (and window trim for that matter) is white as well as some of the base trim downstairs. The rest is wood with a border of white trim. What makes it worse, is that in the front hall, the white trim abruptly switches to wood and one of the windows had white trim and the rest were wood. It definitely looked like we just couldn't decide which way we wanted to go with the trim.

To fix this, I pulled out the primer and went to town on the wood trim. With just one coat of primer, the front hall looked so much brighter! We are keeping some of the wood touches like the hand rail and the shutters so we keep some of the originality of the house.

We have a lot to do since we are going to paint the walls as well as the trim (and the stairway wall is going to be a bugger) but we are on our way to a more cohesive space.

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