Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Picture Gallery Improvements

A few weeks ago I shared with you the fact that our front hall picture gallery was a little unstable.

The major reason for this was because I was using cheap leftover frames that didn't really have hooks to hang on the wall. Quite a few were also falling apart and the big center frame had warped considerably.

I decided to remove the old/falling apart/warped frames and replace them with inexpensive but much better made frames. We had recently learned about Garden Ridge which is a huge warehouse with inexpensive home furnishings. We took a trip over to Orlando to check it out.

Their frame selection was pretty awesome and we were able to get a 16 x 20, 11 x14 and six 4 x6 frames for about $36.

Now our picture gallery is a little straighter and significantly more stable.

Since the center frame is bigger than the old one, I had to rearrange some of the pictures and I'm not completely sold on the arrangement.

I also would like to paint the frames all the same color but I think the color is going to depend on what color we paint the hallway so we will have to decide on that first.

Right now we have a combo of sketches and pictures. Excluding the bird sketch (which I just like a lot) all the pictures and sketches are from travels, our wedding or our dogs. They are fun to look at and remember what was going on in each picture.

In this snapshot you can see Zoe learning how to climb stairs, my old dog Sammy, wedding pics and a sketch my mom and I got on a trip to France.

And here we have a sketch of the first building of the college that Nate and I went to (It was also the math building so we spent a lot of time there)

And here you can see a sketch of our new house! It was given to us by the previous owners. (You can also see a really cute picture of my parents' dog taking a nap with both him and his toy under a blanket).

We like having little memories on display and hopefully we'll be able to keep adding to it!

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