Friday, April 13, 2012

Pantry Ceiling

As long as you looked straight ahead in our pantry, everything looks pretty great.

But if you by chance look up, then you're like oh....that doesn't look so good....

When we took the old shower out of the space, we took part of the ceiling down to help feed water pipes up to the second floor. We had gotten around to patching the hole, but we had dropped the ball on actually painting it.

In our push to finish all started projects, I finally whipped out the primer and paint and checked this to-do off the list.

You'll notice from this angle that we still need to add trim around the corner, but from normal, not standing on the counter, height, this is not noticeable.

Here is what is left to do in the Pantry!

  • Paint the ceiling  Put trim around the ceiling
  • Install organization tools for the brooms etc area
  • Personalize the Ikea cabinet unit
  • Put all the outlet and switch covers back home
  • Maybe replace the light?

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