Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dog Faces

Here's a little puppy love for all of you. These are the many faces of Madeline and Zoe. They are each hard to photograph so I'm always happy when a few come out. With Zoe you can hardly ever see her eyes (but I'm getting better at getting the right settings to see them) and Madeline always closes her eyes when the flash goes off which is why most of her photos look like she's half asleep.

I recently got a new, very soft, blanket that zoe tries to take over. She tries to get as much of her surface area on the blanket as she can.

It's easiest to get shots of them when they are still, so I have a lot of lounging pics (which they do A LOT of)

I'm not sure if Madeline is deep in thought or really sad here. 

These next set of pictures are about the duck ball. This is a toy my mom got for the dogs and it is Zoe's favorite. She will hunt this thing down no matter how hard you hide it. If she doesn't have it with her when we go to bed, she will jump off the bed, run into the living room and come back with it. She doesn't play with it, she just sleeps next to it.

See how happy she is with her ball?

We will spend good chunks of the day playing with this ball. This is Madeline's "Why does she always get the ball?" face

Sometimes Madeline will try to take it from Zoe, but it never lasts for long

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