Friday, October 14, 2011

Arctic Monkey's

You may have noticed my posts have been a little sparse this week. The reason for this is that Nate has been on break and so we have been using a couple of days this week to kick start some projects and to relax a bit. As part of the relaxing bit, last Friday, we headed to Orlando with some friends to see the Arctic Monkey's. Now this was a day of firsts for us. This was our first trip to Orlando that did not involve going to the airport, it was our first experience of Universal City Walk Hard Rock Live and... it was Nate's first ever concert!

If you haven't heard of the Arctic Monkey's, it's OK we hadn't either. We were introduced to them basically last week, and liked them, so we jumped on the opportunity to go with some friends that had extra tickets. They are a British group that may not be everybody's taste, but from the demographic at the concert, they are the taste of people ranging from the ages of 10-75. The concert was pretty good, a little heavy on the bass, but what made the concert was the people watching. There were some people really into this band. It was very intriguing, as someone who was not too familiar with the band, to watch the range of people at the concert go all out for each and every song.

We got to the concert a little late since my phone first took us to the service entrance of Hard Rock, then to the Hard Rock Hotel before taking us to the correct place. This made the fact that the concert was over at  10:30 a little weird, but it allowed us to enjoy City Walk. It was cool how it felt like we were so far away from Lakeland since it was so touristy and bright and yet we were just about an hour away! Oh and you know what the best part of the experience was? $3 parking! At Universal! For 5 hours! I think Boston has clouded our vision on what reasonable parking is since I thought the $15 day parking was really good! Oh, Nate also enjoyed his first concert so I guess that might go a little higher on the list than the parking... but not by much.

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