Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Lampshade

Don't forget to guess what we're making here!

We have had a few lampshades that have made a lot of moves with us and despite the fact that we try to pack them carefully, they have definitely seen better days. The one to the left in the picture below was probably one of the worst with large dents and even a stain (we still don't know where that came from) and so we went on a search to find a replacement. 

We found a couple at Ikea when we went a couple of weeks ago, but this one stood out because of the subtle detail on it. Here is a close up to see the detail. (this one is at night)

You'll notice it's skinnier than our last shade. We like this since it fits in the corner between the two windows a lot better than the wider shade. It's also a nice crisp white without stains and dent free!

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