Monday, August 29, 2011

New Bed Set

We have a lot of heavy blankets since we have been living in New England forever. We however do not have a lot of light blankets that are conducive to summers in FL. We also didn't have a bed set for our master and so my mom was nice enough to buy us one. It's even a king so when we upgrade our bed we'll be able to still use it!

To give you an idea of what we have planned for this room and the attached bathroom, here are our short and long term goals.

Short term
1. Refinish the dresser under the three mirrors (this has been on our to-do for about 4 years)
2. Figure out what to do to get the air conditioning unit out of the window and put an actual window in
3. Paint
4. Do something with the wall here

5. Replace the vanity, sink and hardware in the bathroom that we can use in the future new bath
6. Replace the mirror in the bathroom

Long term
1. Get rid of or move the french doors since they are not installed properly

2. Move the bathroom from inside the bedroom to the space that is currently our office and build a walk in closet. This will make the master a lot bigger and give a good size bathroom and closet. 

3. Get a king size bed

4. Take the ceiling down and create a vaulted ceiling

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